To sell Smartly today your Business needs efficient Billing Software which makes your customers and your Life easy and ensures all compliances.

Android Billing software in Udaipur

Features of Futtkr Billing Software

Futtkr offers a range of helpful features designed to assist Udaipur business owners in expanding their enterprises and streamlining operations, ultimately saving time through automation. Below are some of the most cherished features provided by Futtkr.

GST Compliant

Supercharge your GST billing with Futtkr App. Easily submit GSTR reports to the GSTN portal, ensuring compliance effortlessly. Our advanced algorithms guarantee precise tax calculations, freeing you to focus on business growth. This makes Futtkr most loved App for business owners in Udaipur.

One-Click Billing

Revolutionize your billing process with Futtkr App's single-click feature, bypassing tedious steps for swift transactions. Maximize efficiency during peak hours and keep queues moving seamlessly with this invaluable addition to your business toolkit.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Run your shop smoothly from your smartphone with the Futtkr App. Generate invoices anytime, anywhere. No need for fixed billing counters anymore – be flexible! With Futtkr, convenience is at your fingertips. No wonder, Small businesses in Udaipur enjoy using Futtkr.

E-Invoice Creation & Sharing

Experience stress-free GST billing & e-invoicing with Futtkr App. Seamlessly Create and share invoices to your customers effortlessly via email or messaging apps. Streamline billing, enhance communication, and get paid faster. This makes life easier for business owners in Udaipur.

Barcode Scanner

Boost your billing efficiency with Futtkr's barcode scanner feature. Quickly bill products by scanning barcodes during checkout, reducing errors and saving time. Easily track products & simplify inventory management. Udaipur business community has embraced Futtkr as their ultimate tool.

Invoice Customization

Bring your brand to life with Futtkr App's customizable invoices. Incorporate your company name, logo and unique brand style to create a personalized touch. Craft a memorable shopping experience for your valued customers, nurturing lasting Brand Reputation and Customer loyalty.

Inventory Management

Smoothly manage stock by First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method with Futtkr App. Streamline inventory by monitoring surplus stock, expired stock, and close-to-expiry stock. Classify top & bottom performers & set reorder levels to prevent products from getting out-of-stock.

Credit Management 

Enhance customer credit management effortlessly with Futtkr App. Extend credit to valued customers while easily overseeing credit arrangements. Ensure prompt payments and maintain a healthier cash flow with streamlined credit management.

User Role Management

Unlock advanced security and productivity with Futtkr’s User Role Management feature. Flawlessly grant controlled data access and authorizations to users based on their assigned roles and permissions. Keep your data safe, make work smoother, and ensure everything stays organized with this innovative tool.

Cloud Data Storage 

Discover the unparalleled benefits of Futtkr's cloud data storage solution! Safeguard your billing data securely in the cloud, assuring easy access from anywhere. With Futtkr, empower your business with reliability, security, and convenience—all in one place.

Multi-Device Synchronization  

Experience flawless syncing between all your devices with the Multi-Device Sync feature of the Futtkr App. Enjoy non-stop workflow with flawless data integration across platforms which nurtures productivity and synergy. With Futtkr, Running business is now easy for small businesses in Udaipur.

Real-Time Dashboard Reports 

Gain invaluable insights at a glance with Futtkr App's Real-Time Dashboard Reports. Monitor inventory levels, cash flow trends, staff expenses and much more with clear and concise dashboard reports. Make data-centric decisions and propel business growth seamlessly.

Our Vision

  • At Futtkr, we're dedicated to empowering small businesses with new age billing solutions. With a significant portion of small businesses still relying on paper-based billing, we understand the challenges faced by business owners.

  • That's why we're on a mission to simplify and streamline GST billing, inventory management & accounting processes, freeing up valuable time for business owners to focus on growth. Futtkr isn't just a billing software—it's a catalyst for business transformation. As we strive to become the go-to platform for small businesses across India, we're guided by a vision of inclusivity, innovation, and impact.

  • Join us in our journey to reshape the traditional billing & accounting solutions to drive sustainable growth for SMEs—the backbone of our economy. With Futtkr, making cash becomes easier than counting cash because we are the trusted growth companion for small businesses.

our vision

Our Product

our product
  • Futtkr Billing Pos is a crucial tool in modern business operations. It simplifies financial transactions for both businesses and customers, offering several advantages and features. For businesses, billing software brings efficiency, reducing manual errors, and saving costs.

  • It ensures accuracy in invoice calculations, streamlines online payments, allows customization, and provides data security. Customers benefit from the convenience of online payments, invoice tracking, automated reminders, and detailed invoices.

  • These features enhance transparency and make financial interactions more accessible and satisfying. In essence, billing software plays a pivotal role in modernizing financial processes, benefiting both businesses and customers by making transactions smoother and more efficient.

Download Futtkr Billing software latest version from website. it Supports Windows 7, 8 & 10.

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