To sell Smartly today your Business needs efficient Billing Software which makes your customers and your Life easy and ensures all compliances.

about Company

Simplify business, Empower merchants

Futtkr POS is an omnichannel platform which is revamping the shopping experience of the customers by it’s Android and Windows billing POS, it comprises of mechanism where kirana stores will be able to accept online orders. This will enable the retail shopkeeper to touch the online market and accelerate the growth by data & technology.

  • Personalized recommendations based on purchase preferences, online data, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Reliable payment flexibility by accepting Credit, Debit and Wallet
  • Higher daily profits through a combination of internal and external data
  • Demand-driven forecasting through a combination of structured and unstructured data
  • Speed up your billing process by using POS system. Bill instantly with increased efficiency & zero manual errors.
  • Evaluate your daily reports, customer history, products status and Effortlessly analyze your Data via Multiple Reports

Our Vision

  • Entrepreneurs move the world— people who start alone and build a system of believers around them. That journey begins with a simple reliance - a skill set. This is how freelancing starts.

  • It is the first entrepreneurial step you take in the business world. Offering your skill to help a business grow, and vocationally scale along the way. The most important resource in the initial few years is to analyse what works and what doesn’t without investing too much time.

  • Refrens aims to become a navigator for these iterating entrepreneurs - providing tools, guidance & growth.

Our Product

  • Futtkr Billing Pos is a crucial tool in modern business operations. It simplifies financial transactions for both businesses and customers, offering several advantages and features. For businesses, billing software brings efficiency, reducing manual errors, and saving costs.

  • It ensures accuracy in invoice calculations, streamlines online payments, allows customization, and provides data security. Customers benefit from the convenience of online payments, invoice tracking, automated reminders, and detailed invoices.

  • These features enhance transparency and make financial interactions more accessible and satisfying. In essence, billing software plays a pivotal role in modernizing financial processes, benefiting both businesses and customers by making transactions smoother and more efficient.