To sell Smartly today your Business needs efficient Billing Software which makes your customers and your Life easy and ensures all compliances.

To sell Smartly today your Business needs efficient Billing Software which makes your customers and your Life easy and ensures all compliances.


Our billing Pos system supports mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or Laptops. This functionality empowers businesses to effortlessly process payments and efficiently manage sales transactions on the move, eliminating the need for dedicated billing counters.

Credit Management

Billing software keeping track of how much money your customers owe you and making sure they pay it back on time. It also involves deciding how much credit to give to each customer and checking if they can be trusted to pay you back.

Create Staff/ Define User Control

The management and regulation of user access and permissions within the application. It involves defining and assigning specific roles and privileges to staff members or users based on their responsibilities and requirements.

Online Bill receipts on customer phone

An online bill receipt in a customer billing app is like a digital receipt you get after buying something using the app. It tells you what you bought, how much you paid, and how you paid for it. You can easily access it on your device.

GST Reports of Sale & Purchase

A GST report of sale and purchase is a record that shows all the things a business sold and bought in a certain time, along with the taxes involved. It helps the business follow the rules and calculate the right amount of taxes they owe.

Barcode Scan

The barcode scan feature in a billing app lets you use your phone's camera to quickly scan the barcodes on products. This helps you easily and accurately add those products to your bill or keep track of your inventory. It's like a speedy and error-free way to identify and record items.

Cloud Data Storage

Cloud data storage for a billing app means keeping all the important billing information, like invoices and customer details, on the internet instead of on your computer. It's like having a virtual safe place for your data that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multiplatform Billing App

Having a multiplatform billing app ensures that businesses and users can access and use the application regardless of their preferred device or operating system like Android, Windows.

Generate Bill In One Click

Clicking once to create a bill simplifies and accelerates the billing process.It's like a shortcut for billing." It saves time and enhances efficiency, making it a valuable feature for businesses and individuals who need to create invoices quickly and effortlessly.


Built-in funcionality allows you to track inventory/stock. Auto-update inventory whenever you create an Invoice. Notify you about low stock, stock availability and more.

Customer Loyalty Display

Let your point of sale tell you through customer profiles and sales history logs. Then, use that customer insight to create an impactful loyalty program.

Customer Wallet

This wallet is associated with a specific customer and holds any credit balances or extra payments they may have made. It simplifies financial transactions for both customers and businesses.

Invoice Printing

Futtkr billing app supports multiple type of PoS receipt printers and comes with super fast printing capability.

Advance marketing tools

Create automated campaigns and target customers via sms and push notification.

Futtkr Billing Software, often known as Futtkr Billing Pos, is a type of computer application that assists businesses in creating and managing invoices for products or services. It is an essential tool for businesses to streamline their billing and payment processes. With billing software, you can easily generate professional invoices. It provides templates where you can input your company's details, customer information, a list of products or services, quantities, rates, and total amounts.

In summary, billing software simplifies the invoicing and payment processes for businesses, offering features such as invoice generation, automation, expense tracking, client and product/service databases, payment processing, multi-currency support, and tax calculation. The choice of billing software depends on the specific needs, size, and budget of the business.

Our billing software helps in managing sales better and increases overall efficiency. Now manage from NonGST / GST invoices to multi-rate invoices, credit sales to cash sales, sales commission to multi-size invoices at a click.

Futtkr Billing Pos helps in keeping tab on inventory and informs about low stock, availability, items not selling, fast moving items and cost profit analysis. Multiple inventory reports for taking informed decisions.

Our billing software comes with advanced data management tools which keeps your data secure and can take backup automatically (2 backup locations supported). Now no need to remember about taking backups.

Purchase management in billing software is all about simplifying how a business buys the things it needs. It helps with ordering, keeping track of suppliers, managing inventory, and handling supplier bills. Futtkr billing pos lets you create purchase orders, monitor your inventory, track orders, and record what you've received. It also helps you keep your expenses in check and communicate easily with your suppliers.